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You had ideas, dreams and  a vision when you started your small business.We Congratulate you on your courage and determination! It is people like you that drive our economy forwards!

You have to wear a lot of hats as a small business owner and sometimes it may seem like you have to be everything to everybody. You may have so many roles you have to maintain that it can all run together and on days put you into overwhelm.

One of the statements we hear frequently from small business owners is that they have little work-life balance and even when they are at home with their families all they can think about is the business. 


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Many times to often you get to a point with your business and you just might not be sure what the next step on this journey is to get the results you most desire.

We may be able to help. It all starts with  a discovery meeting to understand where you want to go, what challenges you are facing and the sense of urgency for action.

Our Small Business Performance by Objective Program may be the answer.

What is Performance by Objective?

Performance by Objective is more than a process, it’s a way of thinking, it puts you in the driver’s seat to always be looking up the road ahead and adjusting, adapting and preparing for what may lie around the next curve. Performance by Objective spills into all aspects of your business from recruiting and hiring, employee development, performance reviews, strategic sales, future planning, it’s an attitude that continually keeps you on the path towards long term sustainability and growth. It can move your idea, your dream, your vision into complete reality!


 Performance by Objective begins with The "Breakthrough Debrief”. The debrief shows us what areas you are doing very well and what areas my be holding you back and robbing you of energy.


We provide you with our specialized small business Performance by Objective software.

This software allows you to get a real time snapshot of your business allowing you to view your dollars in vs dollars out from a whole different perspective.

You are able to separate and troubleshoot the operation side of the process from the human side of the process.You are able to set new goals and track them by month. If you didn't make your goals you can find the cause and adjust accordingly. 

 Action Plan; Set goals for operations side of business and implement development plan from the human side of the process to achieve goals.

In our plan we may utilize modules from the "Leadership and Personal Development Series", our "Individual Program", our "Sales Development Program", or create special workshops and seminars and other actions as needed.

We build the time frame for delivering the programs to achieve the goals and or the sense of urgency for specific situations that you may be facing.

With our associate relationship with The Web Solution we can create or improve on sales literature, fliers, branding and logo and brochures very quickly. The Web Solution can also create and or update your website for a congruent sales and service message.

Once the process is in motion, we can utilize TTI Success Insights patented job benchmarking  and talent selection process to continually recruit the "right" individuals to keep growth in motion.


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