BHDI Human Resource Services (BHDI) was formed for the purpose of helping people discover and develop their talents and soar to new heights in work and life. Our programs are design by a needs based approach and are customized to be applicable to any person whether that be an entry level apprentice that is just beginning to learn their craft, a top executive or any person that has the desire to reach out and discover a greater potential within and experience a higher level of success however they define their own success.
We believe that there is not a one size fit all approach to training. We believe that individuals make up teams and teams make up organizations. You must understand the needs of the individuals, the current level of their comfort zones, their current skill set, their attitudes and ambitions to create a program that will bring them together and function as a high performance team. Combine this with the mission of the organization and you develop a driven culture of long term sustainability.
We utilize TTI Success insights as the platform of our discovery and development work.

TTI Success Insights

TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) believes that all people are unique and have talents and skills of which they are often unaware. TTI SI and its network of Value Added Associates exists to reveal and harness these talents by using the Science of Self™. Over three decades, TTI Success Insights has researched and applied social and brain science, creating assessment solutions consultants in 90 countries and 40 languages used to hire, develop and retain the best talent in the world. TTI SI assessments are at work in the Fortune 1000 companies and have worked with over 100,000 companies over the years.
TTI SI tools are EEOC and OFCCP compliant and are continuously tested and refined to ensure the highest standards of ethics and reliability. With a tenacious, innovative culture, TTI SI and its VAAs transform potential into productivity, performance and profits.

Our History 

BHDI Human Resource Services was founded by Christopher Coleman in 2007 in Bloomington, Utah. The original name of the company was Blooming Human Development Institute and delivered training in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. In 2011 BHDI set up an office in Northern Virginia and in 2014 the founder Christopher Coleman made a complete relocation home to his roots in Central Illinois and is headquartered in Fisher, Illinois. BHDI primarily conducts business within a 60 mile radius of Fisher. BHDI will consider special projects outside of the radius.



Christopher Coleman

Chris facilitates all of the programs offered by BHDI. Chris labored in the automotive industry until 1987 when he became a District Manager for a manufacturing company. Chris had a strong technical background, yet was very weak in people skills. It was there that Chris got his first insight into discovering and developing potential. Chris signed up and participated in every self-development program the company had to offer. In 1988 Chris began instructing technical programs and seminars. The public speaking skills developed took Chris to a new level of confidence and self-improvement. In 1989 Chris was trained and certified through Princeton Executive Institute in Princeton, New Jersey to administer and interpret the DISC behavioral Model and Values/Motivation assessment and how to utilize these reports for talent selection and employee development.
In 1994 Chris joined the team of Dale Carnegie Training. He served as Area Director in Central Nebraska, Southern Utah, and Nevada. With outstanding mentoring Chris learned the fine art of gently moving people beyond their comfort zones and empowering them as individuals and teams. In 2007 Chris joined the team of Target Training International and formed Bloomington Human Development Institute. Chris is continually studying and researching in his chosen field. Chris holds the CPBA, CPMA, CPTA certifications from TTI as well as Certified Mentor for EQ through EQ Mentor.com. Chris has facilitated courses and seminars in a wide variety of industries and in a wide variety of venues; from Grand Ballrooms in Las Vegas, to airplane hangars, to churches, libraries, automotive service bays and family rooms to name a few.

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