The Leadership and Personal Development Series was very enlightening. This training series has been very beneficial to myself and the company as a whole. The main benefit I received is a better understanding of others behaviors and how to communicate effectively with others. I have seen a transformation happen within the company due to this training. Conflicts are resolved quicker and easier, and everyone is communicating much more effectively. I would recommend this this training to all companies as every person within each organization is different and without this kind of enlightening training, no one truly understands the potential of themselves or their coworkers. Communication; understanding of people and their needs is the key to success.
Kalynn Pearson

The analysis of how others see me was very enlightening. Understanding how others see me and being able to "Read" others allows me to communicate my issues, ideas or concerns effectively. I have gained much more self confidence. The readings were motivational.
Bob Scott

This training nurtured the skills I had and allowed them to blossom. I now have a better understanding of myself and the impact I make on others. Today I have the confidence of expressing my ideas without holding back. It allowed me to realize I had the power of where I am today and will be tomorrow. I highly recommend the Leadership and Personal Development Series to anyone who wants themselves to grow professionally and personally.
Maricela Montes Byler

I attended the Bloomington Human Development Institute course and it changed my life! My greatest professional benefit from completing the course is the ability to work efficiently and not allow the stresses of my job negatively affect me. I can now take on career challenges without the fear of failure! During the course of this class I had both health and emotional challenges that would have normally left me completely incapacitated. However my greatest personal benefit as a result of this training is that I was able to accept the things that I could not change or control, find the positive in everything, and ultimately recover quickly. The class allowed me to accept all of me, including bad decisions, past hurts, disappointments and once I did that I began the healing process. Within a few months of completing this course, I became the Assistant Director of an outreach ministry that teaches women how to be a woman of excellence, and how to live a leadership lifestyle. Without Chris and Bloomington Human Development Institute, I would not have the courage, time, nor the commitment to use my life experiences as a foundation to help others.
Stacy Young

The number one thing that I felt was beneficial during the Leadership and Personal Development Series was the understanding of yourself and others you gain through the survey. The course gives you the info to analysis your character and teaches you to understand others. It also shows you a side of yourself you didn't even know existed. With the information your receive and the motivation you are instilled with, the course has provided a recipe for success. All course graduates need to do is to take the information received, review it weekly and make a conscious effort to practice their teachings and it will catapult them to new levels. Not only does the course give you insightful information about yourself and others, it puts you in an environment where you can be yourself and interact with your co-workers and learn more about them and what makes them tick. This is very beneficial in an industry where time is limited and tasks are increasing and you really don't get the chance to even understand the people you are spending the most time with. The course is a must do! I can't wait for the next level.
Mathew Moore

A very insightful class that makes you look at yourself and others in a different light. After receiving my profile I was amazed that a simple questionnaire could pin point me the way it did. The values I learned from the vertical speaking portion of the class are priceless. At times the class made me really dig deep into who I am, why I am that way, and how to deal with life's little curve balls. The class is truly a must for learning the fine art of motivation for yourself and others.
Rick Bunch
Sr. Superintendent

This program gave me the tools to understand communication on a higher level.  The knowledge gained from this class has enabled me to be a more effective communicator both at work and in my personal life.  This knowledge is power!  I would strongly recommend this class to anyone driven to succeed.
Lisa A. Eggleston

I would like to thank you again for the wonderful class and your enthusiastic teaching methods.
I apply as much of the DISC training class that I can every day in normal wear and tear of life.
It is hard to put into words what I have learned, but very easy to apply during any encounter with people. The class teaches you how important it is to make a first impression. It is so true; you only get one chance for first impressions. I learned that I must present myself in a professional manner at all times when encountering people.  I learned that everyone is different; we all fit into our own specific categories. You have to learn the personality of someone as soon as possible in order to properly and respectfully communicate with that individual. Communication is the key to a great relationship.
DISC training teaches the tools that you need to properly evaluate individuals and communicate with them the best way possible. This is a wonderful course, fun filled, and amazing how it applies to all aspects of life, both personal and professional.
Kenny Zamora

I took Chris' class last year and since then my professional and personal life has change dramatically. Taking this course has allowed me to communicate better in my professional life as well as my personal life, making my work less stressful and drastically changing the responses from those I am communicating with. This course has taught me to have more self confidence and more focus and has enabled me to move forward and upward in my profession. If anyone has the opportunity to take this course I highly recommend you do, the change you will see in yourself and the change you can create in those around you is astonishing!
Nicole D. Wickens

Regarding the benefits of the Leadership and Personal Development Series, the most important one for me personally was the motivation I got to push my boundaries. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and learned that the limitations I set for myself was the only thing that held me back from growth. The program reinforced my belief to treat everyone fairly; to step back and look at things from the other person’s perspective. This has been invaluable especially at work, where personalities, opinions and attitudes come in to play and everyone is fighting a different battle. The program has definitely helped us build stronger relationships by being better team members and managing work interactions more effectively.
Resmi Panicker

I expected to go to a class with my coworkers and interject as little as possible.  I personally have never felt comfortable in front of a group of people telling a story about myself, nor my feelings, or life experiences, so “my M.O” would be to sit back and participate as little as possible. IMMPOSSIBLE! Chris Coleman not only has you up expressing yourself but he has you running around the classroom full of energy and articulating in a way you never imagined.
I highly recommend all companies and individuals take the Leadership and Personal Development Series. Take the opportunity to see how much more you can discover about yourself in addition to improving your understanding of others and you’ll be surprised at how your relationships with clients, coworker’s and your own personal life improves.
T Hartsell

The Leadership and Personal Development Series class was very helpful to me in my daily walk through life. It helped me to understand and work more effectively with people that are around me. The class also helped me to be able to speak with confidence in front of a group of people.
C Johnson

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